Transferring a android license from one pool to another?


We had a question with regards to Android Licenses, but couldnt find the answers here.

We’re in the process of using xibo to sell signage service to multiple end customers, and already have firm interest for over 200 screens.

My question is, is it possible to move a license from one license pool to another license pool.

For eg. we create a license pool with 40 licenses for Since we are hosting the CMS we intend to charge a nominal monthly fee. If the client decides to no longer use our services after ‘x’ amunt of time, can we rename the to another name, or alternatively transfer the licenses to other pools?

You can unlicence android devices that are no longer in use, which will make those licences available for other devices - Android Licences Management

If you’d require transfer of licences between licence pools or change of the licence pool email address, then you’d need to open a support ticket with Spring Signage and tell us what you’d like to do with those licences.

Excellent, Thanks for the quick response.,

So it is possible… just needs to be done through a support ticket.

Maybe i’m over thinking this, and this may not be a big requirement. We’ve already got the white label android, and hope to start selling.