Transfer of android client licenses and/or recovery of account

I’m sorry if this is a very straightforward issue, i am just unsure how to proceed since i have limited access at the moment being merely an assistant/consultant.
I have agreed to assist with maintaining several dongle type devices used for signage with xibo. As far as i am aware all of the devices are running android and as such use the one time purchase license.
The company i am assisting does not in fact own the devices nor did they register the Spring Signage account used to purchase the licenses, instead they have mostly just kept updating the content on the CMS server.
It is not yet entirely clear what is going on within the company that does in fact own the devices, made the license purchases, hosts the CMS server among other things but it would seem that some of the previous employees have left and may have neglected to pass on account details etc.

In short:

  • If i had access to two Spring Signage accounts and wished to transfer
    android licenses from one account to another, is this something that
    can be done? Essentially merging all the licenses into a single account.
  • What would be required in order to recover a lost account with multiple android licenses on it when access to the e-mail used for registration and normal password recovery is impossible?


Could you please open new support ticket with us, either from our site or directly in freshdesk.
When you do that, please give us a much information as you can, email address for licence pools, accounts in our Customer Portal etc

As for your tl:dr version :wink:
We can migrate licences, yes. We also can change the email address of user in our Customer Portal.

But as I said please open new support ticket for it.