Tranfert Layout to Client with Schedule


Hello community!

I installed CMS version 1.8.3 and client 1.8.3 too. Everything works well apart from a display problem.
I create a new Layout and then I plan its display. Layout transfer to the client is not automatic. I have to manually set the Layout to the client for it to appear.
I also update the Layout when it is displaying it does not apply. it must be manually removed from the client and assigned again.
Do you have an idea of the problem?

Thank you!


I assume you designed a layout and then created an event on the schedule page to send it to the display, correct?

Assuming that XMR works and ‘Expire modified layouts’ in the display profile assigned to your device is enabled, then changes you make to such layout should be shown fairly quickly - depending on the content of course, for example, if you add a 500M video to the layout, then it will take some time for the player to download it.


Hi Peter!
Yes that’s correcta layout is designed ans an event is created on the scedule page. the XMr works, on the player XMR Status : connected to tcp://10…:9505 Waiting for messagesExpire Modified Layout is Enable. il have a siple Laout with ome text.
il i send manuelly the layout to the Player that’s work but when i change my layout and i save the player continue to play the old version of Layout. i need to take off the layout from the player and send it after.
do you have an idea of what is going wrong
thanks !


By manually send, you mean create an event with it and then when you make changes to that layout, player does not show your changes?

What exactly do you mean by that please?
Remove the event and add it again?

regarding xmr if it’s waiting for message for a longer time, then that could imply it’s not quite working, is it docker or manual/custom CMS installation?
What’s the duration of your layout?

Are there any errors on the player status screen / CMS log page?

When you make changes to the layout, let’s say add a new image to it, could you check if that image is in the requiredFiles for your player? (it is visible in the status window and there is also a file called requiredFiles in the player local library).


Yes Player don’t receive Change. My collect time is every 1 min.

Player can’t download Layout from CMS automatiquely when it’s Scheduled. i need to Assign Laout to Player .

I can’t Reconfigure XMR on the Player

Also i have a message when i run php xmr.phar

I don’t have message i Log

Manual/custom CMS Installation


I assume that’s manual/custom installation?

Do you have server/CMS and player timezone correctly configured?
Are both public and private xmr addresses configured and is the public one reachable by the player?
Could you have a look here and at the XMR/XTR linked on the left
and confirm everything there is correctly configured?


I change my time zone on the php.ini
i reduce the number of error when i run xmr.phar

i send you the ZMQ error


zeroMQ seems to be installed and enabled, could you confirm if the XMR is configured as described here please?
and that XMR addresses in config.json and CMS settings match.


config.json configured

i create this file in /var/www/html/xibo-cms1.8.3/vendor/lib

im my CMS i have the same adress


that should be in /vendor/bin

is that a typo or is it actually in /lib folder?


excuse me i a typo

when i tun xmr i have this error

Also i have a Question config.json need to be in /vendor/bin only or another copy in /vendor/xibosignage/xibo-xmr ??