Touch screen issues

Hi guys,
i have got a HTML5 user interface that i am trying to use which works well in IE 11.
I am using version 1.7.8 client and when i put my user interface into it, none of the buttons are working.
I can use IE 11 in the same machine and my touch ui works real well.

Any ideas what i am doing wrong?


Could you please double check that you have correct entries regarding browser emulation for your machine (x32, x64 will have different paths) - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

I guess it might depend on what those button should do, if it is publicly accessible, then you could share the link with us (via pm) so we can test it here locally.

Side note.

Just in case, it would be good to upgrade the player to 1.7.9 as well.

Hi Peter,
thanks :slight_smile:I have sent you a PM.
Please keep in mind,
that link i have sent is not for public showing or using.

I have also checked the registry about emulation and everything looks correct.
Do i need to create a special Windows profile for it or can i just use the default Windows profile?

Yes, I figured as much, that’s why I asked for the url via private message :slight_smile:

We will do some tests here locally and get back to you.

No, the default profile will be fine, I’ll sent you a pm with details shortly.

Thanks Peter!
I do very much appreciate this.

This is my first customer and i am very much hoping to make this.

With best regards

I’ve sent you a pm, the work around that I described there should make it work just fine.