Too many requests

Dear support,

The cron jobs in the task overview seem to constantly retry,
the next runtime is always equal to the cms time.

Our hosting said it looked like something was requested,
then rejected and therefore it might have kept retrying.

So my best guess are those tasks.

Our ip-adress had been blocked by them,
so I have regained access by contacting them and requested to never block it again.

Can you think of anything that might have caused this issue, beside the tasks?
If those tasks have to be configured elsewise, how to do it?

We use directadmin, phpmyadmin and our php version is 5.6.

It almost looked like a DDOS attack from our IP.

Thanks in advance,
Marnix Mulder

Assuming we’re talking about Xibo 1.8 series, then the Tasks are run locally via XTR. They don’t create hits on the webserver via HTTP at all.

If the tasks aren’t being run at all, then it will show “now” as the next time they will run all the time. A screenshot should clear up what’s going on there.

If your hosting provider can provide the URL that was being requested I can give you a better idea what part of the system that relates to.

My best guess would be that it was a Player trying to download or upload something as that’s fairly typical characteristics for a Player. They will try and download until they get what they need.