Tizen native 4K resolution

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in an old thread from July 2021, i’ve found this answer from @DanBW :

Xibo for webOS and Tizen both have a fixed player resolution of 1920x1080 but this could be increased in future releases.

Now an year later my 4k layouts still shown in an 1080p resolution in my 5 Tizen screens (4x Samsung QMR43 and 1x Samsung QMR43-B).

Does anybody now what’s the problem? Why does the Tizen-Widget not support 4K? It’s state of the art. They sell 8K screens today… :frowning:
Can i do something? Some development? Thanks for every hint in the right direction. I would really get the native 4k resolution working…

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Hi bewo, welcome to the community and thank you for your post. This is a question that is asked by many users of the SoC players.

The Xibo for Tizen and webOS players are both set to a 1920x1080 resolution as this is the highest resolution Samsung (Tizen) and LG (webOS) will allow for applications running on their signage displays. As soon as the manufacturers allow for higher resolution applications we will begin development to increase the resolution of the Xibo players.

Some Samsung signage displays (subject to the model being used) will allow videos that are up to 4K resolution to be displayed natively within applications. To do that you will need to ensure you have the latest firmware installed on your displays to ensure 4K video playback has been added (previously the 4K videos were being upscaled which would cause some loss of quality).

If you are using the QMR models you should find this is the latest firmware version here. I have also included a link to our firmware guide in case you are not familiar with the process.

I hope this helps to understand the reason for the resolution on the Xibo player. Thank you also for the offer to do something to increase that resolution, including development :slightly_smiling_face:

Many Thanks.

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