Samsung QM55R 4K content causes player to hang


I have a number of Samsung QM series displays that I am having issues with playing 4K content.

I have seen the previous topics on this, particularly this one from August 2022

In my case I can see the the Xibo player is showing 1920x1080 resolution, as per attached screen shots

When 4K content is played on these displays, there is some visual corruption that appears in one corner of the display (see screenshots), the screen goes black at the end of the video, and does not play any subsequent content or communicate with the server until the screen is restarted.

Re-encoding the 4K videos from MP4 to MOV did not fix the issue, and the same videos cause no issues if exported in 1080p resolution from Canva

Any information available would be appreciated, particularly:

  • Is there something I can do to fix the issue (e.g. is a firmware update required? - current firmware version is shown in screenshots)

  • Is there the possibility to play a video with better resolution than 1080p on these displays with the current firmware (e.g. would 2K resolution work) ?

First of all,
Downscale your 4K content to the correct resolution
change your display resolution to 4K

Does one of the 2 suggestions solve your problem?

Hi Vishal,

Thanks for your help, I am hoping to get 4K content working.

I can see the ‘Screen Size’ setting, but there is no dropdown or tooltip to indicate what I should enter.

Would I just type ‘3840x2160’ for 4K portrait or is there something else I need to do?

You can add a new resolution under Design and use it in your layout

Hi Vishal,

The layout is already set to 4K resolution.

I think the reason that the screen is showing 1080 in the status windows due to the issue linked in my original post, that is Samsung displays not allowing 3rd party apps to run at 4K

Despite showing the display resolution as 1080, the video does appear to play at 4K resolution, but the player then freezes etc as described in my original post.

If there is anyone that has a QMR series Samsung display that is able to play 4K content, if you could upload the details shown in your status window, that would assist me with comparing the display resolution and firmware version to that which I am seeing on my displays.

Hi All,

Just wanted to follow up on this issue for anyone else that may come across this in future, it turns out that these particular displays do not process graphics at 4K internally, as shown on the spec below.

I believe this is the reason for the issues that I have faced, and that the only resolution will be to use 1080 content, with possibly a higher bit rate for better fidelity.

HI Gnener, welcome to the community!

I’ve removed the solution marker on your last message for now. The reason is that 4K video should be supported on your QMR (SSSP 6). 4K video support was added with a firmware that I suspect is later than the one you are using. Only 4K videos are supported, 4K images are not.
You are also correct that the resolution of the player is set to 1920x1080. That is the maximum resolution the displays allow applications to run at, but this does not apply to 4K video.

I’m going to send you a private message that includes a firmware I want you to install and a layout that contains a 4K video. I have tested the firmware and video on my QBR (also SSSP 6) and it displays without issue.

Can you report back if the firmware resolves your issue and the video appears on your player? Please note I’m using player version R306.

Many Thanks.

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