Timeline widgets repeating indefinitely

Timeline widgets repeating indefinitely

When a timeline has “for example” 30 seconds.
And one of the itens is inserted with a duration of 10 seconds, after these 10 seconds it continues to be displayed until the time limit of the “30 Seconds” timeline is reached even if the option “Repeat indefinitely” is NOT checked.

Shouldn’t the item be played only for the selected time of “10 Seconds”?

Could I ask what you are trying to achieve? The timeline will continue to play media items in their sequence until the Region with the longest media item has played out, as the expected behaviour.

Please refer to our User Manual page Layout Timeline and our guide on Understanding Media Duration for further reference.

Thank you

Hey Natasha, thanks for listening.

I’m not trying to do anything in particular, I’m just trying to understand the behavior.

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