Time Zones, Relevance, and Indian Standard Time

Hi Guys,

New to the community, and hope to be around a lot more. We’ve decided to use XIBO to build our solution and will be looking at ways to contribute back in the coming months.

Initially just had a simple enough query:

  1. What is the relevance of the time zone? Should it all be synced with the Client or Server?


  1. Xibo doesn’t seem to have any Indian Cities in the Time Zone options. Seems like a considered decision. Why so, and (How) can I change this?



  1. Yes it is, schedule / statistics / dataset filters / log dates / download window etc all depends on the timezone
    ideally CMS time, server time and client time would be set to the same timezone.

  2. We are using php timezones ie http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php
    I belive that for India, your setting would need to be Asia / Kolkata