Time not showing up?

I can’t seem to get the time to display on the display computer. In preview it works? What might I be missing?

Display PC is Windows 10 Pro

Text to display time/date:

Today is [dddd, MMMM DD, YYYY] at [hh:mm]

Screen shot below of display pc…

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Thanks in advance!

Yeah that looks fine ie should be displayed (just in case I’ve tested it on my display too).

What CMS and client versions are you using please?

I’d say…

a) verify all on Modules page, restart your player
b) Install IE11 and make this change in windows registry - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

Failing that, perhaps we could see a screenshot of status window on that device?

Hey again:

Those registry edits were made, restarted system and re-opened it. Now I for some reason got the image in the center but all text has disappeared. It’s definitely in the CMS. I can give login info / screenshot of that if that helps too.

Here’s the display now:

Thanks again Peter!

Here’s status window:

Thanks Peter!

I’m sorry I have to make several replies. I can only post one image per reply.

I should show you this, the preview now show text and image… this campaign is scheduled… but as you can see, here the time doesn’t show. Mystery?

Ahmm, well, can I have a look at your layout please? (if you could export it and upload to dropbox/similar and share the link with me via pm)

So it’s W10, therefore edge (by default) do you also installed IE11?
Since the browser emulation setting is for IE11, it would be good to have IE11 actually installed on your PC.

Now, is your background image .jpg? Also is it set as a background or is it just a full screen region?
In Windows client case, it should be .jpg set as a background, otherwise it won’t work - overlapping regions which are not supported on Windows client.

As for why time is not displayed in the preview in Chrome, well that’s certainly interesting, one of the things that I’d like to have a look at my PC with your layout.