Time Issue 1.8.2

Encountering a strange issue in Xibo 1.8.2.

The CMS Timezone is set to Australia/Brisbane GMT+10
The Windows Host is set to Australia/Brisbane GMT+10
The Android Player is set to the correct timezone and has correct time Australia/Brisbane GMT+10.

However, the CMS is showing a different time under Displays (see screenshot below).
In addition to this, the players are showing this same incorrect time in their Clock / Ticker Modules.
The time difference is also strange as it’s not a whole hour.

Any ideas?

Last Accessed just shows you when the CMS last received a connection from the Player. It won’t necessarily be “now”.

If you click on the avatar icon at the top right of the screen, it will show you what it thinks the current time is. Is that time correct?

Hi Alex,

Sorry, I should have clarified - all the players at this location have a 1min collection interval set, so they shouldn’t ever be more than a minute or two out from the current time.

I’ve checked the current time as you asked by clicking the Avatar icon and it does appear there is an issue.
Any idea why you think this might be the case?

See images below. CMS thinks it is 21:09pm when the current time is actually 19:31pm (at time of screenshot).

Also, it’s 1.8.2, non-docker version of Xibo.

Click to enlarge and see entire screenshot.

Regional Settings:

So Docker on Windows uses a VM running inside VirtualBox or HyperV.

That VM should sync it’s time correctly, but perhaps you have a firewall blocking that? If so, that would explain things.

Which Docker version is it? Docker for Windows or Docker Toolbox?

Just edited my post to add the additional detail on the version, but you replied fast!

It’s not running in Docker, just running in Bitnami WAMPstack for Windows.

I’ve just checked another near-identical site I have running (cloned Windows installation) which is running 1.8.0-RC3 and its time is all correct.

So as far as I can tell, it’s only as of the 1.8.2 Upgrade that this has become an issue.

I’m not aware of any time issues in that release, and it’s been in the wild for some time now.

I’m not familiar with Bitnami, but perhaps that has settings somewhere for timezone that are off?

I’ll do some googling, but it’s been operating perfectly for close to a year now, and I only just recently (as of the 1.8.2 upgrade) that it’s happened.
As Bitnami WAMP is just a packaged version of PHP, apache and mysql, it shoudn’t have changed.

I wouldn’t have thought Timezone would account for the ~50mins difference in time either.

I agree it does seem very odd, but if we were adding 50 minutes in there, we’d know about it by now I’m sure.

Simple test. Create a php file, pop it somewhere web servable:

echo date(DATE_RFC2822);

What does that show when you then access the page from your browser?

Hi Alex,

I’m sorry, I’ve just found the issue and can confirm it’s not Xibo related and I’ve wasted your time.
Long story short, this Xibo is running on a virtual server with other Windows instances.
The Windows instance I was logged into was not the correct one. Once I logged into the correct Windows instance it became clear the issue was in fact incorrect System Time as it hadn’t syncronised to a timeserver in a long time.

Thanks again for your support.

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