Ticker with filtered DataSet not updating on display



I have a ticker on a layout displaying menu items for a canteen. It evaluates the filter using this SQL:
DATE_FORMAT(NOW(), “%T”) > ServingTimeStart AND DATE_FORMAT(NOW(), “%T”) < ServingTimeEnd AND DATE_FORMAT(NOW(), “%W”) = Day

All works fine in the layout designer, and everything shows as it should (including a blank screen out of hours) however, on the display the menu does not change, as if the statement is never reevaluated, even though I have set the length of the ticker to 5 seconds and the refresh interval to one minute.

If i resize anything on the layout designer and save this, it forces the correct update.

Any ideas?


What CMS and player versions are you using please?

The date&time settings are correctly set on the CMS and player?

It could be a good idea to add a text message when there should be no data returned from the source ie when there is no data matching your filter - you can do that on the advanced tab when you edit your ticker widget.

If it is 1.8 CMS, is the XMR working? What’s the collection interval in the display profile assigned to your device?