Ticker to filter out week numbers


I am trying to build a ticker that displays information from a dataset that fits a certain week number.

Dataset is built up with 2 columns: one is called WEEK, the other TEXT
The WEEK column is set as string/value and has a number from 1 to 53 , the TEXT column is set to the same type and holds a text we want to publish that week.

Now i am at the point where i want to filter out all records that have a certain week number, f.i. for this week it would be 45 (nov 8 2018).

I searched for a solution and thought it would be as easy as setting a filter where the WEEK value would equal WEEK(CURDATE()), but that would be too easy i guess. at least it doesnot work. no data is displayed.

Does anyone know what i could so? Help is greatly appreciated.

Greetings from a happy XIBO admin.
cms 1.8.11


WEEK(NOW()) + 1

perhaps? (currently 45)

You’ll likely want mode 7 assuming you define week 1 of the year to be the first week with a Monday in it, in which case:


(currently 45)

Other modes are available:

Keep in mind MySQL considers the first week in the year week 0 depending on the mode, hence the +1.

Hi Alex,

thanks for the quick reply, i put the above in the ticker dialog under the filter option,


Sadly it doesnot work, probably its me thinking too simple?

You’d need to use an advanced filter clause:

 `WEEK` = WEEK(NOW(),7)

Ah offcourse, sorry for this! thanks for the help!!!

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