Ticker Time not accurate


I have a Ticker set up running off a Dataset. 4 Slides, each slide corresponding to one dataset row.

It will cycle through the 4 slides/rows and then come back to the first one again at the end, before moving to the next playlist item.

I figured the timing was off, but no matter if I set an overall duration or duration per item, it will show the first slide again for a short period.

The Item duration is 6 Seconds, Speed 1, Effect set to ‘No transition’.

I timed it manually, noticing that each item is only displayed for 5 seconds, so it finishes early, filling the remaining time with the first slide/row content.

This is what I want:
RowA > RowB > RowC > RowD > Next playlist Item
6sec > 6sec > 6sec > 6sec

This is what is happening:
RowA > RowB > RowC > RowD > RowA > Next playlist Item
5sec > 5sec > 5sec > 5sec > 4sec

Which CMS and player version are you using please?

CMS 1.8.5 and Windows player 1.8.3.

This happens on Android as well as in the preview.

The logic attempts to take the transition duration into account, which is why you’re seeing those displayed for slightly less than you expect.

I actually think that with no transition selected it shouldn’t do this, so I have created a bug for that: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/1416

I think you can reduce this issue by setting your speed to 201, which means you will greatly reduce the fudge factor applied.