Ticker/RSS Random way

Hello Everyone!

We are testing Xibo and we are loving, congrats!

My question is regarding Ticker/RSS.

We have today a URL with 60 feeds and we are using Ticker to show that, but the feeds are follwoing a sequence every time when the timeline ends. For example: The time line start and the feed #1 appears, after that the feed #2 and finish. OK. When the time line start again, the feed #1 back to appear. I would like to use random way to show the other 58 feeds that we do have. In others words, the RSS just follow one sequence and not random way.

How can I do that?

Thank you very much.

That would be similar to this then? - Ticker Random Items

If so then it’s on our list and will be considered during 1.9 series development.

If you have additional requirements in your use case for that feature, please add then in that feature request topic.

Hello Peter!

Yeah, similar!

The additional requirements are:

1-) All random feeds in offline (maybe player cache in cause of connection failure)
2-) Use a pointer to avoid repeat the same feed until all feeds are processed.

That’s it.

Can we follow the development roadmap?

I appreciate.

Thank you very much!