Ticker Marque RTL Scroll not showing all rows

Hello, this has come up several times, but I haven’t been able to solve it thus far.

When selecting Marquee Horizontal RTL scroll for a Ticker it will only repeat one single item. When using other effects or turning the effect off, it shows all of the rows. I’m using latest CMS and player.

Another thing that is bothersome is that the row scrolls completely through and there is a 2-5 second pause before it scrolls through again (RTL effect). Is there no way for the rows to come one after another?

Thank you for your replies!

Does the feed items your showing contain HTML markup that hasn’t been set to be stripped in the options perhaps?

If you try a known-good feed such as below, it should work as expected:

For a scrolling ticker you want stuff all on one line in your template - eg

[Date]: [Description]

OK, so I was using classes in the HTML markup, that was the problem. Fixed by removing all the formatting in the HTML section and doing a CSS body section below. Thank you!