Ticker is not completely displayed

Hello Everybody.

We use this feed for Horoscope:


With this configuration

The problem is that when the feed is processed in Android application the last feed is not displayed and returns to the beginning of the XML.

According to the video.


Should be prosecuted and 12 feeds were processed only 11.


I’ve just created a new simple layout with ticker (same as yours) and some clock with longer duration in another region.
It appears to be fine on my Android client (all 12 items were displayed)

I am not sure why you have ‘Show items side by side’ when you also want to display only 1 item per page, but that shouldn’t cause problems.
1 min update interval might a bit of a overkill(and actually might cause some problems), does horoscopes change that often? :smiley:
What do you have on your layout besides this ticker?

Hi Peter.

I make the changes. Uncheck “Show itens side by side” and increased de processing for 120. But even so in my cliente Android dont process all feed.

Follow link to download the layout we are using.


Thanks for the help.

Thank you for the exported layout.

I’ve run some tests and had similar results as you.

Would you consider adding to your layout:
new region with
clock/text (or similar small module) with lets say 300s duration

After I did that it seems to be working fine (ie Peixes (the last item) is also displayed)

On a side note about images in your feed, you might want to use images with less than 600dpi, 96 for example.
It shouldn’t affect the quality on the screen but they will load faster and won’t cause problems.

Hello Peter,

We can not include a clock lasting 300s. Let each ticker item for 6 seconds on the screen. Putting the clock as his guidance we would have the ticker in repetition.

CMS can identify in what can this happening. The interesting point is that the designer works perfectly, but the client android the problem occurs.

Ideally identify the problem to see if it would be an adjustment in the CMS for a 1.7.6 version or the Android r58


Yes Laercio you are right, my solution was only a temporary solution till we fix it in the next version.
It doesn’t need to be 300s, presumably it just needs to be there and have maybe a few s longer duration than your ticker.

Anyway, we’ve logged it as a bug, we will do our best to fix this issue in the next release.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Hello Peter,

This problem has been resolved in R58?

Hi Laercio,

It’s still open, Dan will close the issue once it’s resolved.
I am sure he will have a look at this once he’s back.

Hello Dan and Peter.

This problem still occurs. Recently I realized that it also occurs dataset. Whenever we include any effect only 11 items are displayed on Player…

Tested in CMS 1.7.9 and Android R62.

In CMS Layout Editor all items are displayed, the problem is in playback on android player.

Please could perform more tests and help me with this problem?

Laercio, could you send us your rss feed or your layout so we make sure we test the same thing as you do?


Hi Peter,

Both for the Ticker and for the DataSet.
In the layout designer this works very well, but in the android player only 11 items are displayed.

This error occurs only when we put transition effect, Fade and etc …

It’s something easy to replicate, if you want I can do a layout to send you.

Peter, any idea of the problem?

I’m fairly sure it was fixed, you can send us your layout to test, unless it’s the same layout you’ve sent to us today (regarding other problem), which seems to be working fine for us.

It could be better to have feed with clear image/item order ie like your zodiac signs feed, the original layout tested in this topic.

If you have something like that and confirmed that it skips last item from the feed, please send that layout to me.