Ticker: invisble image after a while

Hi everyone,

I am using Xibo 1.8.2.
Actually I have this problem: when I am using the ticker module for displaying RSS feed. I have no problem at the beginning, on the CMS interface and when the players are displaying the pages for the first time every is fine, text and images are displayed correctly.
But after a while on players, the pictures are not displayed, progressively the missing.

I check a few things, there is no trace of downloaded images on the cache, on the players or on the Xibo server.
The same type of layout where displayed perfectly with Xibo 1.7.4, and images where chached remember.
On the player manager I have got the type of message.

5176162017-11-07 09:18Not found FileId: 626. FileType: media. Media exists but file missing from library.

Thanks for your help.

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What’s the ticker update interval and the layout duration please?

Are those ‘missing’ images a new items from the feed or items that were already displayed on the player?

The interval is 15 minutes for some and 30 minutes for others.
Images missing are both new and old ones, text a just fine every time.

Any advice or help I useRSS a lot . With 1.7.9 every thing what juse fine, but know it’s a real PAINFULL;
I would like to know if Xmr is an obligation for RSS feed use.


What’s the duration of your layout and your collection interval (in Display Profile)?
Also how often are the feeds that you use updated?

While it is possible for new images to not appear on the first run if the collection interval is longer, layout duration short or unfortunate timing of the feed update, I do not quite understand why images that were already downloaded would disappear - assuming that they are still in the feed of course.

The duration of the layout are 1 minutes to 5 minutes, it’s depends of feeds type, I using then to display the content of information network like CNN, FranceInfo, BBC, …
At the beginning somme images are missing as you said, but after a while I have just title, date, description and blak space as image.

For the moment, I am not using Docker.

I have decided to go back to Xibo 1.7.9, I love the new tools on 1.8 but for me it’s not working correctly with RSS with images.