Ticker effect possible for only one row multi fileds

           Advert no  Picture1 Picture2  Picture3  Picture4  explanation   price
Row 1       1
Row 2       2
Row 3       3

I have a table similar to the table above. I made a design for each ad in the table, and I plan to bring the images to the screen with the ticker module. With the ticker, I filter only the row 1 on the screen and I want to use picture1, picture2, picture3, picture4 and effect as tile slide. Show items side by side? and I’m doing items per page 1. but all the fields are reflected in the same screen.

Using tile silde effect, it is possible to show row1 = pic1, pic2, pic3 … respectively. otherwise I have to use the markque effect. Because when I use paged effects, first row1 shows pic1, then row2 shows pic1, or shows all of them at the same time.

I hope I can tell the problem correctly.

In short, it is possible to display pic1, pic2, pic3 … on the same line using the tile slide effect. Thank you.

Yes it is possible.

The thing to keep in mind, 1 item = 1 row, so when you select an effect (tile slide for example) and on the appearance tab you selected that you want to show for example pic1 pic2 pic3

Then 1 item = all 3 pictures from single row.

Without any effect selected, ticker will try to show all rows in one page (unless you edit those settings of course)

Now, in most cases, the images from library or external ones will be in higher resolution, so you won’t fit 3+ images and some text in their native width on one page.
If for example, you have a 1920x1080 images, then it would be rather hard to fit 3 of those on a single screen.

that’s probably why

You will want to put the columns you want to show on Appearance tab, select the effect you like, use 1 item per page and probably not use ‘Show items side by side?’.

Then on the appearance tab you will also want to add CSS to change the images width so you can actually fit them on the screen.

Thank you for your response.
I want the first line in a page to be picture 1, then picture 2, and
picture 3. Tile Slide shows all the pictures of one line on the screen
when I select it.
Yada shows the first picture of the first line after the first picture.
If you want, I can send it by exporting the layout.