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We have a ticker which shows one item per page and and animation when shwoing the 2nd and so on. We’ve set a duration per item (10 secs). AFter 10 seconds, I can see the fading starting, but then the layout is skipped to the next one!

The xibo preview (in web browser) is correct!

I currently cant test another player :confused: - I even dont know if that is player related.

Can anyone assist here?


Hi KluthR. Thank you for creating a post about this issue. I have tested the Duration is per item setting using a dataset ticker and can confirm I encountered the same issue. I will inform the development team so this can be investigated and resolved.

I found it is possible to workaround the issue by increasing the general duration of the widget while not using the duration per item setting. For example, in my test layout, I had 5 items I wanted to display, 10 seconds per item. By setting the widget duration to 50 seconds and not using the duration per item setting, each of the items appeared for 10 seconds each.
In short, whatever total duration you use for the widget, the player should share that duration equally between the items to be displayed. I hope this helps to provide a solution while the issue is resolved.

Many Thanks.

Exists an github issue for this one? I want to track the progress :slight_smile:
I assume that would be available in 3.1?

Hi KluthR.

I can see that the issue is logged as a Linux player bug, which you can track here:

The fix will be player side, so this should be resolved in a future Xibo for Linux release. I do not have an release date details but all new releases are posted on the blog.

Many Thanks.

Forgot about that, sorry :frowning:

No need to apologise! :slightly_smiling_face:

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