Ticker and screen related issues on windows client on boot

Hi All,
N00b here,

I had recently installed v1.8.4 of Xibo and I had experienced some issues.
I then recently saw a v1.8.5 so I have just upgraded to v1.8.5 and the same issues still exist.

My issues identified so far are;

  1. I have an LG 43" screen at 1920x1080, but if the screen is not on when the PC boots, then followed by powering on the screen once the xibo app is loaded, I get the display shoved up to the top left, like its about quarter of the size it should be. I have to close the windows client and wait for the watchdog to re-initiate to fix it. It would be a good feature for the watchdog to determine if new resolution/monitor connected, then close and re-open app to initiate to proper screen size
  2. If screen is on first, then the PC is booted, almost everything works apart from the ticker scroller.
    For some reason this only uses about half of the screen when first initiated. I then have to go into xibo cms and change size by a pixel and save the regions, for the client to then pickup the change and resize to the full size it should be.

The client is 1.8.3.

Anyone else had these issues? Is there an alternate ticker I could add?


Both issues stem from the same thing - the player is unable to determine its size when it starts up.

The easiest way to solve the issue is to force the player to a certain size by setting its Location in its Display Settings Profile.

You’d set 0,0,1920,1080.

You’ll then need to restart the Player a few times (waiting a minute inbetween) for it to get those settings transferred.

Please also see:

Thankyou all.
I have set the location resolution to fixed at 1920x1080 as advised in reply post 1 and have tweaked the tv and pc timings to hopefully come on in a better order (as long as they clocks don’t roll out of sync overtime!)
If that fails still, I will take a look at the registry entries also mentioned in the second reply post.
Let see what happens in the morning 8)


just to say, thanks to all - I had my first successful boot up this morning with correct resolution and ticker working as it should!

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