"this display has not registered with your CMS" but it's wrong


I have xibo CMS 1.7.8 and player on android 5.1.1. In status, on the device, there is this message: “Warning - this display has not registered with your CMS. Please check that your CMS address is correct and that you have allowed this display a licence in the Display Management Page.” But I can see the display in my licence account and in the CMS. I have “!” just next to my player in the CMS board.
My server was down for a few hours and the collect interval in the display setting profil is “5mn”. Before that, it worked well.

Why do I have this problem? I don’t have easy access to my device. How can I resolve this problem from CMS or xibo account?


That message refers to the licensed status of the display in the CMS on Displays page.

If you could show me a screenshot of the displays page it should make it clearer.
Current screenshot of the player status page could be helpful as well.

Please post those in this topic or send me a private message with them.

It seems it got 500 error on register, does other players has issues connecting and maintaining connection to your CMS?

Do you see the same error when you try to connect to CMS again?
Can you access the CMS address in the browser on the android box?

As a side note, it would be highly recommended to use CMS and players in the same series and with that the newest releases in the series.

Thank you Peter,

Since I configured the collect interval to 1 hour, I don’t have this problem anymore.

Best regards.