The Server Key You entered does not match with the server key at this address


Were are using the Cloud solution and I’m ust setting up the client. I’m getting the message:

The Server key you entered does not match with the server ket at this address

I’ve checked the email and checked in the control panel the CMS address and Key are correct.

we are a school and go through a Proxy server, but weve had this opened…

where should local library point to? I’ve given that full permissions.

Any ideas please?

Hi Jenny,

Probably easiest way would be to leave it at the default path ie
C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Xibo Library

I had a quick look at your CMS Instance, everything is in order, I could add my device without problems.
Please make sure that nothing is blocking the connection and I’ll also pm you the url/key just in case.

That is what I have entered. I have also had our broadband support team check and the packet is sent down the line, so the error must be xibo end or on the management console? It’s bypasses our proxy server anyway on the client I’ve setup.

All fixed now thank you for your help.


Apologies I didn’t see your post here (but I did reply to your pm)

I am glad that it’s working now.