The same display for different physical locations

Hi, I’m looking to use a display but have it displayed in more than one location at the same time, For example; I would like to display a message in a store in Birmingham but also display the same message at the same time in a store in Telford. Is this option available? And can I do this all from one computer (as an admin user). If this option is available how could get this set up? (in the simplest term possible).

I’m open to suggestions if this option isn’t available.



So you could have PC(with Windows client) or android device (with Xibo for Android installed) connected to the screen in those stores as a separate clients. Connected to the same CMS. Then schedule an event with your layout on both of them.

Yes, you would do it in CMS - design your layout and schedule it to display on your devices.


Thank you for your reply, is there a way you could come into our store to help
us set this up?

Sadly, I am afraid it will not be possible, although installation process is fairly simple, let me give you few pointers.

CMS - you can choose to host it with us - hosting
alternatively you can host it on your own server/other company

The decision between Android and Windows client
You can have a look here, scroll to Feature comparison section.


Windows + Installation manual
Android + Installation guide


YES it is possible
you would need to get the newtek NDI platform
running on the “main” client and set it to share xibo.
then on the “slave” just connect and DONE.
probably need a VPN on the network between the systems but it’s very fast with vary little lag.
it’s also open source so you can modify the code to your needs.

check it out and have fun!!

Hi Everyone,

I have the same problem, I want to show same content on different displays at same time. The scheduling of content is not helping in syncing the content on different displays. I have android box connected to LED TVs. Please help and guide me in achieving the same.