Text size on layout not accurate on Android clients

My layout text is not showing like I made in layout.
Its working good in layout preview, but not after publishing.
Version 2.3.7

please have a look at screenshot. i have red spotted the difference

Do you have Memu running in a smaller window on the monitor? If so then does the same issue occur when you have the Memu window open with a resolution that matches the monitor?

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I set Memu resolution according to windows and restarted but still there is same issue.

Hi, any solution for this, because its also showing on android mobile note5.

What font are you using? Has it been uploaded to the CMS? If not then its very likely that it is a substitute font, which won’t be the same size. Try using a font that you have uploaded to the CMS as this should be exact or a much closer match.

I found Aileron-Regular font in folder htdocs\xibo\modules\fonts, I applied that font but still the same issue.

Try rebuilding the font cache, if that does not solve it you will need to design the Layout for the resolution you are running the Player if it is to be exact. You are running the Player in a window so it is not running 1080p, but the Layout has been designed for a 1080p screen. The Player will do its best in that case.

You also have web in your URL which means the CMS is not secure and has not been properly installed which will need to be corrected.

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