Text on top of a video

We’ve got a request from the department who manage our Xibo layouts to put some text over a video.

Is this possible to do in Xibo? put a video in one region, make it full screen, the place another region on top with some text?
At the moment the video displays over the top of the text.


I assume it’s about Windows client?
Unfortunately overlapping regions are generally not supported on the Windows client.

On Android client it should work just fine.

Okay thanks for the update, yes we’re using exclusively windows clients.
Is it ever likely to be supported?

Is there any chance that this feature will be added any time soon? Our IT department has moved us away from the NEC Live platform to Xibo, and one of our requirements is to have a clock over a short video.

Overlapping regions most likely will be supported on new cross platform player that will come with 1.9 version - unfortunately that will not be anytime soon, as we haven’t fully released 1.8 yet.

As an alternative, android client should support it just fine.

Sorry for poking such an old thread but I’ve tried getting this to work as well. The only workaround I’ve had success with was with making a video background div and then using CSS to apply a text layer over top. I’m stuck on the problem of caching however as I can point the SRC to an external server just fine but if I point to the library item with the [ID] replacement field it never transfers to the clients.

So close…