Text Media : change color background

Good evening,
when I use the “text” media I have the situation as in the figure

How do I change the background color? (See red arrow) The white text on the white background cannot be seen and to modify it I have to apply stratagems. I need to change the color only for the edit, to insert the data.


Do you want the text to remain “invisible” (white text on white background? Would be interested to know the reason if that is the case).

You could highlight the text and use the text foreground/background button ( image ) to change the colour(s) while you edit. Highlight the text and set the colour(s) back to what you want displayed.


The text flows over a portion of a colored image.

I guess I have to put the background in the same color as the image.

He already uses the selection, but the text variations are minimal and I have to be careful not to make mistakes

in practice they are the shifts of each staff Saturday

The result does not change

The result does not change

Do you have a drawing (hand sketch will do) of what the final layout should look like?

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