Text in region not visible on Android XiBo client 1.7.4

I am on CMS 1.7.4.and updated all 5 MINIX NEOX5 Android clients to the latest firmware!

I noticed that in the new client firmware you cannot get into setup anymore, the upperbar is hidden right away and cannot be opened by mouse or keyboard, at least I did not find a way (i tried it all) very cumbersome :frowning:

Real critical issue with latest client firmware
In designer layout text-region is visible and editable, however it does not show on our Android clients… I’m also struggling with fonts (I have uploaded them to media library and in designer I can choose the font but there is no visibility of the font on the client output screen…

It looks like text is not showing up at all…I have a screen in designer full textregion, but on client only the backgroud is presented and no text… very disturbing issue!!!

It worked fine in older Android client at development premises. When I took the setup to the customer premises and started with the implementation I struggled with the layouts and font size from day one :frowning: I checked IP-adress and noticed the library did not update to the new one. When correcting it in the 1.7.4. CMS you have to redesign your background etc…etc… Fonts are also lost! and have to be deleted and newly uploaded (check naming!!!)
(I now have html which somewhat suffice a bit, but customer still is not very amused :frowning: )

This certainly is not a wysiwyg experience in the 1.7.4. designer software (unfortunately)

What can I do to resolve text not showing up on the clients?
Should I reinstall older client software?
regards Ron

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