Text editor maximized, cannot go back - Xibo 2.0.1

Question for Xibo 2.0.1, Layout Manager: When a layout is selected, I can maximize the preview area (white icon with four arrows), preview (white icon with triangle; play) and minimize (white icon with four arrows).

When a text widget is selected, I can maximize the widget area (white icon with four arrows), enter editing (click on white pencil icon), edit the widget, but I cannot find icon with four arrows to come back and to save the content.

Is this a bug or I am missing something?

Thank you for your post, there does indeed seem to be an issue here. As a workaround in the meantime enter your text then use the Save button on the Edit Text form before maximizing the area.

Thanks, but it doesn’t work in my case, because the characters in small edit form are too small - or, I should say that have another problem :frowning:

I force usage of formats (styles) and editor in 1.8 accepts them, showing bigger characters in editor due to custom theme (…\xibo\web\theme\custom*mytheme*\libraries\ckeditor). It doesn’t work in 2.0.1 even when I change styles in the inappropriate place (…\xibo\web\dist\vendor\ckeditor :flushed:). I changed both config.js and contents.css, but it seems editor ignores CSS file.


So that we can look into this further could you further explain what you are wanting to achieve by changing that file?

Overriding CSS Libraries in v2 is currently not supported, however, if we can understand a need for that we could add something to the software to allow it.

Thank you

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Thanks, when overriding CSS libraries is not supported, then the only thing which can rescue me is to get the minimize button when editor is maximized (like preview mode has :-)).

My problem is that we want a consistent design throuh all layouts. To achieve this, we have predefined styles - CKEditor calls them formats. Users choose style and only change backgrounds of layers and colors of texts (or parts of text) according to message and colors contained in images.

In 1.8 it works, in 2.0 not (yet :-)).

The main reason for such a “restrictive” policy is that too much freedom produces chaos - users apply a lot of different fonts, character sizes etc. and, what is important, they are not aware what they did (they know only that the layout doesn’t look proffesional).

I showed some coworkers Xibo 2.0 and they like new Layout Manager; so we will try every new version until we find something what can replace our 1.8.

Anyway, thanks for insiders’ information!

I have shared this with the dev team who say the following:

Inline editing ignores the contents CSS:

For inline editor they need to be added directly to the page stylesheet:

Hopefully those links will be of some guidance to you.
The minimise button bug will be fixed in 2.0.2 which is due for release at some point next week.

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Thanks a lot!

For other users who don’t like to much free formatting I can say that I solved my problem with:

config.format_p  = { element: 'p',  attributes: { 'class': 'layout' } };
config.format_h1 = { element: 'h1', attributes: { 'class': 'layout' } }; 
config.format_li = { element: 'li', attributes: { 'class': 'layout' } }; 

in config.js and defining p.layout, h1.layout etc. in the page stylesheet (xibo.css).

I have to do still some table design planning, so that all table cells and their content are well formatted like other content. Then is the problem of getting WYSIWYG look&feel in editor solved and I can wait for v.2.0.2 - I am sure that my coworkers will enjoy the new Layout Manager :slight_smile:

It would be great to get some feedback from your co workers regarding the Layout Manager in v2.0.2 :grinning: