Text delay in campaign layout (relative to background/other regions)

I’ve launched my first campaign yesterday. The backgrounds for each layout show up first at each transition between slides. There seems to be a half second delay in the regions showing up once the background has showed up.

For example, I have a wheat stalk image as a background with a region of wording/text over the background and a second region with a logo in the bottom right corner. When the change between layouts is made, the background and image show up at the same time, however the text shows up a half second later. This is consistent on all of the slides in the campaign (text only).

Is there a way to fix this delay or something I’m missing?


What CMS and player version are you using please?

It is possible for the content of the layout to appear with slight delay after the background image is already displayed, I would not expect that to be long delay though.
It will of course depend on the device’s specification and the content, but for a layout background image and text, it should be barely noticeable.

On Android you could add transition effect to your layouts/widgets to help with the playback, unfortunately that is not supported on Windows player.