Table still empty but remote dataset is working

Hi All,
May be i missed something but as you will see on my snapshots, I can see my json file when i test the connexion…
But The dataset tables still empty.

May be you will be able to understand why.
I have several remote dataset already working fine bu not this one. Here is the request if you want to test it. No autenticate needed :

All the best,

Hi Philippe, I tried your link with a ticker widget

All work good, no need to fullfill a dataset if you anly want to display the RSS Atom stream

See you

Hi Fred,
Thank’s for your answer. Dataset is realy what we want because we can display each colomn in the layout as we want to :slight_smile:
I scroled the documentation of dataset but still didn’t see where is the time settings between the json request and the data stock in the tables & columns…


Hi Philippe,

Are you using the 2.3.10 version ?
I had an issu with Trouble with database sync
I can try on my own server if you want.
See you

Rss feeds can be set to your own layout via templates (HTML and CSS).

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