Table automation

I want to do this: when I enter text in a cell of a dataset, in the layout to be displayed with a specific colour if it is that text. For example: if I enter “Country” to be displayed on Layout with the red colour, otherwise it will have the initial colour. Can I do this?
Thanks a lot!

Regardless if you use ticker or dataset module both can use CSS to set colours/size etc of rows,columns or single cells if you’d have a table there.

Ticker might be a bit easier for that, you can override the template and edit it just like you’d do to normal text.

So for example, let’s say you have a column called ‘Country’ in your dataset.
Then you use ticker with dataset source to display it.
On appearance tab you tick the override template checkbox
From substitutions you double click the 'Country’
it will add [Country] to the text editor, then you can select it and change the colour/size etc as you do with normal text.
Then every item in this column returned from your dataset will be in specified colour.

Thank you for your answer but it is a little misunderstanding. Let’s say that I have a column “Country” like you said. I want to display with red on the client screen when I write “Germany” and with initial colour that is set for the table any other country. So just in case of “Germany” I want to display the text with another colour in the cell table where it will be the word “Germany”, and I would want that to happen automatically.

Apologies if I misunderstood you.

In this case, it’s still possible, you’d need to use javascript on a html table.

So for example please have a look here

javascript alone: $('td:contains("Germany")').css({color: "red"});

Where should I add this code? Thanks!