Tab delimited text file


We would like to use Xibo. We have meeting information in a tab delimited text file that is updated every 15 minutes. Is it possible to make use of this text file and have xibo automatically import, parse, and present the data every 15 minutes as well?

You would need to do one of two things:

  1. Write some code to convert the TSV file in to an RSS feed when it is published, and then host that RSS somewhere the Xibo CMS can consume it. You can then use a Ticker in Xibo to display/reformat that RSS feed with a configurable refresh interval.

  2. Write some code to process the TSV and upload it in to a Xibo Dataset via the API, and then use a Dataset View or Dataset Ticker to show that content on your displays.

There’s no support to directly pull in TSV or CSV files in an automated fashion.

Thanks for the suggestions.