Sync'ing TVs using Xibo

I have two scenarios that I need advice on.

In one area I have 2 TVs that are about 8 feet apart used for safety training and orientation. It is important that we can sync these TVs to play the same content at the same time.

In another area I have 3 TVs that are about 15 feet apart that need to be able to run the same content sync’d.

Question one: Is it possible with Xibo box to use a splitter to control TVs in this scenario?
Question two: Since I can’t run HDMI cables because of the location, can I use a cat6 to HDMI transceiver to do this with a Xibo box.

Xibo provides all of the features I need except being able to control multiple displays. I like Xibo, it’s priced to move and easy to use, so I’d like to use it if I can.

You could take the output of one Xibo Player and run that over HDMI cable, or HDMI -> Cat6 -> HDMI or whatever combination you wanted yes.

The screens will always then show exactly the same content at the same time. You won’t be able to run different things on each screen.