Synchronize the same video monitor 3

I can synchronize the same video in 3 monitor. They must display the same image in a synchronized manner. I planned the schedule at the same time but start with some seconds and then are staggered

Sync between players is not currently supported.

1.8 with XMR might help with it, but it’s not something we currently support, we do however have plans to support it with new cross-platform player that should be developed for the next 1.9 series - Cross Platform Player Specification

If you are interested, we have synchronisation added in our layouts

jdt-services, can you please share your method of synchronisation?

Hi Laurette
We have solved the problem by using embedded web pages.
The result is that you have synchronisation without even online connection
please send me your email

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I am also interested in implementing synchronization. Can you please share how you have achieved it. Here is my email id:


Hello Jdt,
We are also interested in syncing with embedded webpages, can you please share it?

can you please share it here how you have acheived this with xibo?

you can email it to me on