Synchronize 6 clients with same content?


I know already that Xibo is not supporting synchronize of content on different displays / clients. My current problem is, that I need to display the same content at the same time on 6 screens. When I try to start all displays at the same time, I can already detect a slight delay between the screens. But after the first loop I can see that the display run apart and after each loop the difference is becoming more and more. Cable is currently not a solution, because the distance between the displays is just too high and the customer don´t won’t install cables in both rooms.
Is there currently a plan that Xibo will be support in the near future synchronization of screens / player?

System details:

  1. We push all commandy via XMR
  2. Testet with Xibo 1.8.12 and 2.0.2

Thanks in advanced

Are they in same group? Do you push to the group or to each screen separately? What is the content?

Hi, correcrt all displays are still in the same group and we have assigned a kampaign with 18 Videos which is running in loop.

Do your displays always need to be in exact synchronization 100% of the time? Are they visible from one another? How close together are they?

The direction I’m going here, of course, is “do your synchronization at the HDMI layer, not at the player layer”. Get a 6 output HDMI distribution amp, and run cabling to each screen. Are the screens physically close enough together to make that practical? It will be a lot less hassle.

Hi, yes this is the main requirements from the customer. The structure is a little bit complicated from building owner and tenant, this is why I already mentioned that cable is not allowed to embarrassed. Our only solution is to get the screen running synchrony over Player - CMS / Xibo Server application. Otherwise we need to switch the solution which we do not want to do.

I’m sorry; you did mention that and I missed it.

How about this:

Can you screen-repeat one client machine? Put one client on a Windows box with VNC server, and then put a VNC client on each monitor that boots up pointed to the Windows machine? That would generally, I think, keep you within a frame or two.

This is killing the whole xibo idea.
@cij are you using time from server setting or local time ? can you try saving the videos on players internal memory and set the playlist to load from memory and not from network? May be there is some network lag when player is downloading video and you are losing time sync between them ?

What I’ve done in the past, still working now :
CMS 1.6 - Linux player

1/ A big player PC with 6 displays (AMD W600 Pro)
2/ 1 layout with 6 regions for 6 same playlists synchronizes very badly. So : 1 layout with 1 region with 1 video compiling the 6 playlists (easily made with a tool like After effect)
3/ In the case of a very long distance between the player and the screens, install 6 adapters DisplaytoEthernet making possible the direct connections