Synchronise between two players

Good Morning,

The xibo client does synchronise ?

My idea would be to have a client 1 roll a video and when it comes to the 32 second of the video I would order a client 2 to boot up with their video.
It’s possible?

thank you

Xibo does not support sync between 2 (or more) separate players.

In 1.8 series with XMR working, you can achieve very close sync, but it will not be perfect and obviously will depend on the hardware as well, for the use case you’ve described, there is no function that could do exactly what you want as of right now I’m afraid.

Has there been any news regarding sync between clients? We are working on a project where we really require this. It’s also rather important for future projects. Is this feature on any road map?

In my opinion a technology based on (standard) ethernet will never be able to synchronize whatever in a required timeframe. Ethernet is simply the wrong underlaying technology for that. XMR is very good, but only as good as your ethernet hardware, like: NICs, Switches, OS, Drivers…

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