Synching/updating problems

Hello there,

I’m kinda new to Xibo and I’m currently having some trouble with my Xibo, as the layouts/templates only update when I reboot the player.
Even when I make a schedule it only gets through whenever the player gets rebooted.
All the Time settings are right and on the right timezone as well.
I’m currently using 1.7.1 as CMS.

Do you guys maybe have any idea where it could go wrong?

I’d highly recommend upgrade to at least 1.7.9 version as a first step.

In general, in 1.7 series, when you make changes to your layout, player will check in with CMS each collection interval (setting in display profile), assuming of course that player is connected to the CMS.

After that it will attempt to download new/updated required files/schedule.

Once it’s done with that, it should show update layout version on the next layout run ie when the layout ends and reloads (or switch to another layout).

If you have some really long durations on your layout and any changes you’ve made will be delayed, so you can navigate to display profile advanced tab and make sure that ‘Expire modified layouts’ checkbox is enabled.

If in 1.7.9 and with those settings adjusted you’d still have issues, we might need to see a screenshot of status window on your device.

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