Sync date and time for device, cms and xmr

How should I set date and time on cms, xmr and client device in order to push messages like screenshot requests properly and instantly?
Is it fine to set all of them on UTC?

You should set the CMS to the timezone where the majority of your users are located. If your users are worldwide, you can certainly use UTC. You should set the Players to their local timezones.

The CMS and XMR will take account of the differences in timezones. All scheduling is done in local timezone - so if you schedule for 10am, it’ll be 10am where the Player is when that shows, unless you tick “Use CMS timezone” in which case the CMS will adapt the schedule for each Player to make it show at 10am where the CMS is across all Players.

Now my timezones are the same, but the CMS doesn’t fetch the screenshot fast. it seems that the screenshot request is working on collect interval not as a push system.
I’m using docker 2.2.2 and windows as client.

Did you configure the XMR public address in the CMS settings?

It should be something like


Assuming you’re using normal ports, where is your CMS hostname. You’ll need to ensure port 9505 is open for connections from the Player to the CMS.

Check the status screen on the Player. It will show you the time of the last XMR message received, which should be in the last 30 seconds. If it is, then in the CMS edit the display and tick the “Reconfigure XMR” box, save, and then try again after 1 collection interval has elapsed.

yes, I configured it. I host the XMR through Apache proxy pass so port 80 is responding instead of 9505.
According to my logs, the client is connected to xmr but no messages is coming.
this is the log of screen:

In fact, the player receives the screenshot request on re-opening it.

you can’t use apache to proxy a TCP port unfortunately - you’ll need to expose the XMR port differently

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