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CMS Version

Version 3.3.3

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v3 R307


I have Xibo CMS setup in a Docker container all working fine. I purchased a single License for a Tizen player for testing. All working fine.

For testing purposes, I have a Windows Player running as well as my Tizen Player.

I am trying to find a way to swap layouts without the need to use the CMS Webgui.

I have a scenario where we often run out of stock of an item that is being advertised on one our displays. So, I need to find a way of switching layouts to a different one that does not display the out-of-stock item. This is an action that a staff member would need to do and using the Webgui isn’t an option.

I have spent a day trying to get webhooks to work as I thought this would be the solution. But I cannot get it to work. XMR is all setup and working as it should be as far as I can tell.

I followed the webhook guide here: Using Webhooks to trigger a Layout

When I use the “Trigger a web hook” option to the Windows Player that has the layout with the action scheduled to it, nothing happens. I have not tried the same with the Tizen as this is in a live environment right now. The layout isn’t changed. Is there another way to achieve my goal, or can I get some assistance in confirming I have everything setup as it should be please?

Thanks :grin:

Really keen to get some assistance with this if possible please.

If I can get this to work, then I will buy more licenses for the Tizen displays I have.

Everything works well apart from this webhook issue.

Cheers :sunglasses:

Hi DoZZa, welcome to the community!

I have read your use case for the webhook triggers but I am not sure that this will provide the3 solution you are looking for. When you trigger a webhook to switch to another layout, this will play that other layout once, then it will return to the original layout, which it does not sound like you would want to do if you have run out of stock.

Xibo has a CMS API that you can use to create custom calls with a third party application. That would allow you to create options where you can change the layout on the display without needing to access the CMS. It does require some technical knowledge, here is a link to the documentation for more information. There is also a getting started guide that shows you how to integrate with Postman and begin creating calls.

In short, it is hard to say what is the best solution for you for hiding menu items that are now out of stock without having anyone log into the CMS to make any changes.

Regarding your trigger web hooks not working, could you export a copy of the layouts that include the trigger and the layout it will navigate to, then send me a download link in a private message? I can test this on my Windows and Tizen displays and see if it is working for me.
Please also note that there is a known bug where setting the layout as the default layout will effect the interactive actions from working. If you have them set as default you may want o choose a different default layout and schedule the layout as an event instead.

Many Thanks.

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