Switching Display on in the morning and off in the evening / CEC?

i think this is a common requirment, so this should have been solved by somebody :slight_smile:

We use a LG tv as a display, which has no build-in functionality for switch on / off.

But i’ve read about controlling a tv by the HDMI-CEC protocol. Did anybody succeed in using this approach and can recommend hardware ? Can Xibo run scripts to control the CEC-Adapers?

We use a windows 10 player with latest XIBO



You will need both TV and device that supports hdmi-cec, the recommended dscs9 for example, does support that - hdmi-cec still needs to be enabled in the monitor and device for it work as expected.

It hasn’t dawned on me to use a script to control my TV via CEC, but I have worked around it by doing the following:

  1. Get a smart outlet. A WeeMo or the TPLink (I dig the form factor) and with it, schedule it to cut power to the TV during certain times of the day.

  2. Configure your TV for power-loss events. Some higher-end TVs have this in their main menu settings - just tell it to turn on in the event of power off/restore. If yours doesn’t have it, though, don’t fret: many TVs contain a hidden menu, commonly called the “Hotel” menu, accessible through a button sequence from the remote. You can brick your TV if you fiddle with the wrong settings, but many models will have their power off/restore action preference buried in there.

With the above in mind, I have several displays around our facility that turn off automatically at the end of the day, by the smart plug cutting their power. Then before anyone comes in, the smart plug restores power and the television turns itself on thanks to its power off/restore setting.

To note: I keep the hardware (in most of our cases, an Amazon Fire TV stick with Xibo sideloaded) plugged in a separate outlet, running 24/7. No reason to turn that off.

There are USB CEC adapters out there, and those can be scripted.

Last time I tried this, I found that the vendor documentation and support for CEC was poor to non-existent, and that the LG screens I was using would respond to some volume commands, but not power events.

I would do some research on your screens CEC implementation first before you spend a long time on this.

Once you have a command line you can run on Windows to turn power on/off, then certainly Xibo can run that for you on a schedule.