Support in Xibo

Could you please help me whether xibo player can make the following:

  1. need to display time and date in different formats
    2)need to display a data from a external sensor connected to the PC

If possible,answer in detail please…

Thank you for your message. The Clock Widget can be configured to display the time and date in various formats. Below is a screenshot of the Editor tab for the Widget, showing where you can change the format the time is shown in:

Regarding the data you wish to display from an external source, what format is that data in? If you can provide more information about this data and how you wish to display it, I can look into how you could achieve that with Xibo.

Many Thanks.

Hai DanBW,
Thankyou for the reply and sorry for the late response from ma side

As my second question is that,we need to display the temperature of a particular region or area
Is that possible with the weather widget?? if yes, could you please explain me.

Thank you for your reply, no need to apologise about the delay.

You can also use the Weather Widget to display the temperature of any region you choose to select. Once you first create a Weather Widget, you will need to configure it to show what you would like and for the area you would like.

You can do this on the Configuration tab for the Widget, as you can see in my screenshot below. Simply untick the Use Display Location option and you can now choose the Longitude and Latitude for the location you wish to use with the Widget. Once configured, click the Get Forecast button and Save to confirm. You will then see as also shown in my screenshot a preview of the setup you created (I cleared the Long and Lat entries so you could see the options and effect when filled in):

Please also note that if you are not using the Weather Widget but you are not on the Xibo Cloud service, you will need to acquire an API key for the Darksky API. All of the details on how to set up the Widget are contained within the below documentation:

Many Thanks.

Thankyou DanBW
Will go through the documents and revert back if there is any assistance needed.