Support in playing formats

whether Xibo player supports H.265 and Hevc formats??

Thank you for your message. Whether your HEVC/H.265 files will play on your Xibo Player will depend on the version of Xibo you are using and whether the device running your Player also supports it.

Xibo for webOS is not likely to support the format however you may find success with the Xibo for Windows and Android Players. The best way to know for sure would be to test your Videos on the Players to see if the videos playback successfully. It’s possible that you may need to install the HEVC extension from the Microsoft store to provide support for the format on the Windows Player, but this will need to be tested to confirm this.

I hope you are able to successfully play your HEVC videos on your Xibo Players, if you could provide feedback on your experience this would help the rest of the Community if anyone else is looking for answers in the future.

Many Thanks.

Hai DanBW,
Thanks for your reply.

could you pls clarify me one more thing.
whether our android players supports 4k ??

Thank you for your reply. The actual Xibo for Android player does not have restrictions on video resolution, it will depend on if your device running the Player supports it. The only way to confirm for sure if your Android Players will play 4K content, such as H265 or HEVC, you will need to test it. If it does not play, then your device does not support it and you will need to find an alternative hardware solution.

You may find some advice on the Community Forum for devices capable of 4K playback, for example in the hardware channel:

I hope you are able to find an appropriate hardware solution.

Many Thanks.