Stuck at splash screen

After issues yesterday, today I have a player that is stuck at the splash screen.

I had to update a piece of media, did what I usually do to update it but noticed later the display wasn’t showing the updated video. I manually restarted the client but this made no difference. Browsing to the client library I could see that it has downloaded the new video.

Decided i’d wipe the client library so deleted everything, opened the client again and splash screen stayed on.

Opened and closed it a few times with no change. Checked the library and it had all downloaded again but nothing will play.
Checked the client config and the display is licensed and ready to start.

Here is the client status page.

The client is 1.8 on windows and the server is 1.8 running on docker on linux.


RequiredFiles is showing 1 file to download. Which is it?

The layout won’t run until all files are downloaded for a layout.

Also what is the complete text of the third error? Unable to get the media...

Hi again Alex,

The third error shows “Unable to get the media resource”

Surprisingly the layout has chosen to run this morning, but the status page still shows 1 file to download. How would I tell which file it is? The status screen shows resource 28 at 0% but I can’t see what resource 28 is, the library on the server doesn’t have a media item with an ID of 28. I have checked the local library and as far as I can tell everything is there. Background is there, all 3 tickers have a html file, both videos are there the clock has a flash object and a html the only other bit the layout plays is a webpage from our local intranet.

This seems to happen quite a lot when I update a video, maybe I’m doing it wrong. The process I use is open the media library on the server, click edit on the video I want to update, input the new duration (length of the video in seconds) in the duration box, make sure the “replace media tick box is checked”, click replace, upload the new file, click done when the upload is complete.

Should I be worrying about the duration field on the first page or does xibo sort this out itself.

The videos on the layout design have the “set duration” tickbox unchecked.

On a side note I am always getting the same 3 errors on the log in the CMS

2274914 7fff206 2017-10-19 08:02 XMDS POST ERROR DISPLAY GetResource Unknown error during getResource. E =
2274913 7fff206 2017-10-19 08:02 XMDS POST ERROR DISPLAY GetResource Request failed for dataSet id=0. Widget=28. Due to No Records Found
2274912 7fff206 2017-10-19 08:02 XMDS POST ERROR DISPLAY GetResource Unable to get feed: Unable to resolve hostname

I’m guessing widget 28 is the missing one. The status in the layout list has an exclamation saying "There are items on this layout that can only be accessed by the display.

So after some digging I found a ticker in a region that was pointing to display a category feed from a blog which was currently empty. Deleted the region and now I’m getting…


2275166 7e5130a 2017-10-19 08:18 PLAYER POST ERROR DISPLAY [FileAgent_resource_Id_28] FileAgent - Run Exception in Run: Requested an invalid file.

in the log.

Sorry for the long post, just want to get all the issues ironed out and really make a go of using it properly.


So if you point it to an empty RSS feed, then the CMS will pass an error to the Player so that it continues to use whatever cached version of that feed it already has.

If it has no cached version, the whole layout will be invalid and won’t show.

I think that explains the issue you’re having fully.

If you’d prefer it to show a “nothing here” message instead, you can set a message to show when there are no items in the Ticker settings.

Yeah I usually have a blog post with just a dash in it, just to see when it does all the posts then does a dash.

I’m still getting the 1 files to download message though, even after removing the region, still resource 28.

Client still shows these errors

Try clearing the display cache on the CMS (edit the display in the CMS Displays page, and then save). Then allow the Player to collect.

I’ve edited the display, made sure there is no regions with nothing in them, cleared the library folder on teh client and re opened the display and its still saying its missing resource 28!

I’m not sure then.

As a last resort, try stopping the Player, clearing the Player library directory, and then starting again so it does a fresh download from the CMS. You’ll then need to edit the display in the CMS, and tick the box to reconfigure XMR as that will also force a rekey.

Well, that got rid of the errors for widget 28, now it’s doing it for widget 2!

I might re create the layout and assign the new one, see where that gets me!

Is that another empty feed?

I dont know what it is, there is no more empty anything on the layout. If i look in the statistics in the CMS, under the proof of play I can see widget 2 and the media just says deleted form layout.

Perhaps the layout hasn’t rebuilt then after your edit.

Go in to the layout, make a minor change, and then go to the Actions tab and see what the layout status is shown as. If it says Building or Requires Building, wait for it to change back to either Ready for !

Yeah I have tried making changes, still a no go, im just building a new layout now, theres not too much on it to copy over so wont take long.

Did you see my bit about the videos above, am I doing that correctly?

Yes. What you’re doing sounds reasonable to me.

Do you need to worry about putting the duration in when you update the media?

*Edit spelling

If it’s a video, and you don’t specify, it will detect it from the uploaded file.

Hi Alex,

After sorting the issues last week I seem to be stuck at teh splash screen again, not download files though, the message is

2277851 d89edcf 2017-10-30 11:32 PLAYER POST ERROR DISPLAY-STUSRV [ScheduleManagerThread] Schedule - OnScheduleMana Agent threads are dead, not updating status.json

The status screen shows,

I always seem to get the wen updating media, again I was just updating videos this time.

That message doesn’t really relate.

Again, what status do all the files have in the Required Files window? I can only see half of them in your screenshot.

Similarly there’s nothing in the schedule, which makes me think the CMS thinks the layout is invalid.

What does it show there?

Hi Alex,

All files have downloaded, the CMS just says it’s usual message about some items are only accessible by the client.

The only thing I did was replace the media for the videos assigned to the layout.

Can you look at the tasks page in the CMS please and send a screenshot of that?