Streaming NEWS on template

I would like to include a streaming of RAI NEWS news in a box of my template, how can I do it?

I have installed xibo version 1.8.1


I am not familiar with RAI NEWS - what is it?

I’m sorry
Rai NEWS is the channel dedicated to the news of the Italian state television (RAI).
My problem is how to put channel streaming in my template

You mean a traditional TV channel? Or an internet channel?

You might find this old topic interesting: Embedding input from Setup Top Box / Live TV

Is an internet channel, but a news channel is worth it!

this is link

and this is url YOUTUBE

This is my template

You should probably contact them and ask them how they intend you to do that. Generally, they will employ methods in their embeds to prevent you embedding their content in third party pages (such as Xibo), and indeed it may be specifically against their terms to do so.

The way the video stream is embedded in the page you linked seems to stream the video via a local cache file. Reverse engineering how that works would take some time. Best to get their official method for embedding if that’s something they allow.