Stream MP4 from a Web URL?

Wrote a PHP page that will send a video when accessing the page.
I used this method previously to randomly stream different videos from the same URL.
This method works for regular browsers, but not with Xibo.
At least not on a Xibo Android client.
I’ve attempted this as a local video and as various web pages with HTML5 player Javascript settings.
Nothing seems to work.
It would be great if I could just give Xibo the web URL that streams the MP4 file and it would play it.

I’m open to any suggestions. :slight_smile:

For local video and android you’d want the RTSP url, that will stream the video from it.
If you have a ‘player’ on the webpage, then you could try embedding that in embed html module, alternatively if the webpage auto play the videos on visit, then you could try it in webpage module, I’m not sure if android default browser will be able to play the video however.

As Peter says, put the actual URL of the video stream in to the “Local Video” module and if your Android device is able to play that video, it will.

Keep in mind it will be pulling that video feed over and over, and won’t be caching it locally so playback will stop and fail if the connection to your server goes down.

I’m not worried about losing the connection.
The content is H.264 MP4s on the LAN, connected via a 1gb Ethernet to the Android device.
My goal is to introduce a bit more randomness into the video playlist.
That is why I have the PHP serving up the MP4 file.

Ended up rolling a different solution with Linux, VLC and Handbrake, see below.
[SOLVED] VLC RTSP playlist to randomly loop videos in a directory