Strange Layout Issues after upgrading

Afternoon All,
we upgraded our CMS yesterday to 3.3.5 and have also upgraded our players to 3.308.0, however, we have some really strange layout issues now.

for example, this particular layout is used to display four IP CCTV Cameras, now it just shows parts of it.

The boxes are set to “manual” position, with:
Width: 525
Height: 330
Offset top: 180
Offset Left: 15
Scale Percentage: 115

We are also having a similar issue with this page.

Which should load another internal page. but doesn’t seem to be loading correctly either.
This is also set to manual with only:
Offset top: 5
Scale 78.

Setting these pages to “native”, or “best fit” do not resolve the issue, nor does rolling the client version back to 3.301

We are using windows client, but the layouts now look the same in the CMS. - They looked like they should previously.

On the display showing the first layout, I can see

“Webcef” “WebView_LoadError: Cannot Navigate. e =”


“LogAgent” “Run Exception in Run: Bad Request”

This is causing me some serious issues today, any help would be really appreciated.

Hi, what was the version of the CMS you were using prior to your upgrade (where it worked for you)?

We were using Xibo CMS 2.3.10
We are also using PHP 7.4.33 but i’m not sure that will make a difference.

I’ve also noticed that two other layouts: the first a video with an overlayed semi-transparent box, and then ontop of that text isn’t loading correctly either.

and the other is a display
contains the same CCTV elements as the first layout i’m having an issue with as well as a clock and out Helpdesk. The helpdesk is loading ok, but nothing else is.

Upon further investigation, it seems that anything placed in a web region and set to “open natively” works, however, anything with “manual position” or “best fit” seems to fail.

This morning I have also tried using the following CMS versions:
3.3.0 - same issue
3.2.0 - same issue
3.1.1 - tells me the database needs upgrading, - I chose not to do this as I wasn’t sure the “downgrade” would work.
I have also checked the pages for x-frame headers, and they are not present.

@natasha Any idea what might be causing this?

So i think i have solved the issue.
I upgraded our xibo install to support local SSL (using our root CA)
and reconfigured the client to use ssl too - using a url 301 redirect just caused the client to complain that the target had been moved.

It seems to be working now, so I’ll keep an eye on it. Interesting that this has had this effect though.

Hi, I have spoken to the team who are guessing that it would have required a Verify All from the modules page to clear it, and the periodic background task that does that has run in the interim and fixed it.

Just to note that you can’t redirect the Player with a 301/302 redirect as it uses POST requests which cannot be redirected, however you can tick the ‘Force HTTPS’ box in the Display Profile Settings which then switches the Player from http to https without the need to reconfigure it.

If it does seem to break again then please do let us know.

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