Status: Unable to connect to remote server

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We have been running a self hosted version of Xibo on our web server without issue. When setting up new windows players today the first 12-15 players connected and are working fine but the ones after returned “Status: Unable to Connect to Remote Server”. I think the players are running on a VPN because they all share the same IP. ive had no issue connecting our android or windows players outside of the VPN. Any suggestions would be great!

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P.S Keep up the good work! We try to support you guys as much as we can by using android.

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Do you get the same status when trying to connect using the “Connect to CMS” wizard? If so, can you open the CMS url in the browser on the device?

That’s amazing, thank you :heart_eyes:

Sorry about the late reply.

So what was happening was the players were coming out from behind a VPN so all shared the same IP Address. Now my server on the other hand was seeing massive traffic from this IP and blacklisted it. The log was saying there was continuous POST commands against /xmds.php file. We just beefed up the server a bit and whitelisted the IP and its fine.

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Fantastic, thanks for getting back to us.