Stats late in Xibo 1.8 Clients

Hi, have any players Windows 1.6 and this stats it´s alright but in new instance with Xibo 1.8 the stats in the stats table in Xibo database have registered with 1 or 2 late days.

Why it´s happening ?

Thankyou for all !!

Jefferson Ibiapino
(85) 99606-0696

Just to clarify, are you currently using 1.8.2 CMS with 1.8.2 players?

Depending on your collection interval and amount of stats player needs to send, it might be the case that it simply can’t keep up with them - ie the stats are there on the player and it does send what it can each collection interval, but there are more stats created each collection interval than the player is able to send - Statistics reporting