Statistics - Lack of information

How this Statistics works?

So far I checked here, all my displays have the same configuration, but is lacking a BUNCH of information about the displayed medias.

For example:
My display ( named Trentin ) have data until august 7.
My display (named Fitwell ) stoped collecting data in June.

And this goes for all my players. Any solution?

Assuming this is about 1.7.8 CMS and R61 xibo for android.

Go to Display settings page -> edit display profile assigned to your device
Make sure ‘Enable stats reporting?’ is enabled.

No… My CMS version is 1.7.6.

Other thing I forgot to ask here is about updating the players. Only one of the players I updated succesfully last time I tried. I will try again to update them and report for you guys the problem.

Anyway, until 7 august the player was collecting information, but I haven’t changed anything on my CMS or Players for about 1 or 2 months. It just stoped collecting those datas.